Friday, February 15, 2013

my favorite handmade jewelry

It's no secret that I love jewelry.  The more sparkle, the better.  Also, I can't help but love any pieces that are handmade!  You can just see the extra love that goes in to a handmade piece of jewelry, and who wouldn't love supporting a small business? 

Here are three sites where I get my favorite handmade jewelry from: 

1. Spike the Punch : Oh man.  Words cannot even begin to express how much I love Spike the Punch.  I can remember when I first fell in love with Spike the Punch back on etsy.  The hand-painted crystal Rainey necklaces were absolutely love at first sight!  It's obvious that I wasn't the only one swooning from the beginning though, because these necklaces sell out within minutes of them being listed!  The rest of the jewelry is to die for as well.  Also, Elizabeth, the owner of Spike the punch, is an absolute sweetheart!  She offers some of the best customer service around!  Check out her site, and I promise you won't be sorry!  Ps-I'm currently lusting after the Fiore Beauty necklace.  How gorgeous is that purple?  

2. Glitter and Gloss : Much like the lovely Elizabeth of Spike the Punch, Heather over at Glitter and Gloss is a doll!  She won my heart with the absolute cutest arm candy, and has since moved on to other jewelery and accessories.  Her new spring 2013 line is nothing short of amazing.  I pretty much want everything, not gonna lie, but my favorite has to be the Stephanie bracelet, this cute little arrow cuff I've posted above.  How cute is that?  I can see myself channeling my inner Katniss Everdeen while wearing it! 


3. Derng:Derng may be one of my more recent finds, but it has become a quick obsession!  This site has some of the most unique jewelry I've seen in awhile!  The most recent pretty additions to the site are a collection of gorgeous, rhinestone bib necklaces.  The princess necklace, the one pictured above, is the newest member of my derng collection, and I am in love!  

What are your favorite sites to buy jewelry? 


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  1. Thank you for including me in this awesome roundup!

    Heather @ Glitter and Gloss